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How to Refer and Register on Epic Trading Company?

 How to Refer and Register on Epic Trading Company?

Before doing refer and registration all you need to know is what is an epic trading company and then after its compensation plan.EPIC stands for "Exceptional People Incredible Compensation" and is an international business that puts you in a position to set yourself free financially! The platform is unique and unlike others before because it allows you to learn hands-on with top-notch trainers that provide live sessions, daily signals. the EPIC University, and an Interactive Trading community

Ok, guys, let's learn how to refer our friends and register our epic trading company account. once you send your referral link on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or whatever you will show you these types of interface.

here you can see your sponsor id and name who refer you .all you need to do is simply fill up your documentation .don't worry we will tell you to step by step!

1st step:

initially you have to fill up your personal information like Name . In this coulum you have to filled your first name and last name.if  you are going to  register your account under company then put your company ID. Then after submit your Date of birth which must be in month , day , and year you have to submit it carefully!

2nd step:
then after put a username that would be easy for you to remember.

3rd step:
here you will submit your email address and very it by submitting it again with the samil email which you have provide initially .

4th step:
in this step you have to submit your address details here you have to submit resident address,resident suit,resident city ,state or province and resident zip. then after you have to submit 

5th step:
In this step you will creat a password for your epic trading company account. once you create a password you will conform it by submitting the same password then after simply clicked on NEXT button once you press NEXT it will redirect you to the payment page.

6th step:
This is the last  step where you have to pay via several card however i choose mastercard for mine registration you can choose it too,once you choose your card all you have to do is put your card Number CVV Security code & Experation of your card. Then after simply clicked on submit button .once you clicked on submit button your epic trading company account will be successfully register .

Guys,go to and submit your username and password to login your account and refer your friends and earn more then 500$ per month.

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