Android Developer 

A professional who designs and develops the advanced application for the android platform is known as Android Developer. They built mobile applications on the Android operating system. They must be experts in coding and programming language.

There are many tasks to be done as an android developer. Designing and developing the application is the major task of an android developer. They have to collaborate with a cross-functional team to define, design, and create new features. They are responsible to find bugs and fixed them to provide smooth-running apps to the users. They have to compare the latest technology to adapt to changing environments. An android developer has to spend time working outside data sources and API.   

There are several tools that are used by android developers to complete their roles and responsibilities.  Development Environment Software, such as Adobe ActionScript which helps to create an android environment. There is component-oriented software such as C#/C++. Program testing software, such as IBM Rational PurifyPlus which helps to detect errors in the project. Database management software, such as Apache Flume.

The android developer must have knowledge of C/C++, XML, java,kotlin, and JavaScript. They should be proficient in MYSQL databases and should know about the android studio (an integrated development environment). They should be familiar with the android software development kit. The android software development kits are modules of Java code that give developers access to mobile device functions like the camera and accelerometer.  In addition, they should have analytical skills, abilities to thrive in a collaborative environment, and complex problem-solving skills.

The basic ways to develop android apps are:

1.Download the tools required for app development (Android Studio and Android SDK);

2.Go to start a new project in android studio and do coding either in java or kotlin;

3.Familiarize yourself with many different files,

4.Test your application is running properly or not.

An Android application 

Android Application is installed on a device along with a file named AndroidManifest.xml. This file is necessary for every Android application and is the cheat sheet that tells the operating system exactly how to interact with your application. The AndroidManifest.xml includes the required class names and types of events that the application is able to process as along with the required permissions that the application needs to run. 

For several years, android has dominated the global smartphone operating system market. In the second quarter of 2016, Android led worldwide new smartphone sales by 86.2% according to research company Gartner.   An android is an open-source operating system and a lot of electronic manufactures like Samsung, HTC & Asus have got access to the code which makes it easy for them to use it in their smartphones.

Android Developer Salary

While talking about the salary of an android developer it all depends on your level of experience and how much you are able to do according to the market trend.

For Entry level

Entry-level include that individual who has just start coding as an android developer for a couple of years (0-5) years.The salary for an entry-level Android developer  $75000 to $100000 per year however its all depends on the silks that show you toward for your orginazation.

For Mid Carrer

Mid-career are those people who are engaging in android development for 5 to 10 years. The salary for mid-career start from  $100k to $115k

For Experience

Experience includes that individual who is engaging in android development for 10 to 20 years. the basic salary for an experienced android developer lies between $115k to $140k per year.

Late Carrer

They are expert in coding this is because have got more than 20 years of coding experience. The basic salary starts from $140k  to upward for late-career.

Android Developer Skills

  • Experience with Android Studio, Android Components, and UI Component, Animation & Design Guidelines
  • High-caliber proficiency in Android SDK and experience with third-party SDKs and APIs
  • He/she must have high experience in Kotlin, lambda, etc.
  • He/she must have knowledge of Module View & Controller pattern(MVC), MVVM, Memory-management &Architecure component.
  • you must have knowledge of Define Relationships, Accessing Data using DAO's and ROOM models.
  • He/she must have got knowledge in threading, performance tuning & offline local storage.
  • He/she must be an expert in Coding.
  • He/she must have got high caliber proficiency in ASDk
  • He/she must be able to run android studio ad android components to develop or create animation on their own.

if you are eager to learn and develop your career as an android developer then you can start your journey by reading android developer blog, watching android developer tutorial, and reading android developer course from several websites include;-

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