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Google app maker is a low code application development tool with G Suite’s that is used to build an app that fills the gap like accelerating business workflows or scaling internal operations. Google App Maker provides the feature to drag and drop widgets into a visual editor with built-in templates. The apps could be remodel using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and Google's own material design visual framework.

We can build customized applications as per our requirement or project nature by using the google app maker platform. We can use various templates to make our development process easier. There is a drag and drop feature which is very helpful to create an application. We can easily maintain the deployment of the application and can preview the application before deployment. We can manage and configure very reliable data models which will affect our business requirements with the help of the Google app maker platform. We can easily create fully responsive applications over mobile or any smart device by using Google App Maker. We can provide Google services through the application which we have built by using Google App Maker Platform.

One tool cannot solve all kinds of problems. So, every tool has some advantages and disadvantages. There are some advantages as well as disadvantages of google app maker.

Advantages of Google App Maker

Google app maker provides a user-friendly interface.

The person who is not good at coding can easily use this platform because coding is not required for basic app creation.

We can easily drag and drop any inbuilt UI to create an application.

There is a  Google Drive Table for simple data modeling.

There is a straightforward dashboard built with Google's Material Design.

We have JavaScript scripting and CSS in Property Editor for additional customization of the application.

It is combined with Google apps and services.

Disadvantages of Google App Maker

It is only available for G Suite Business.

We cannot prepare native mobile apps using this platform.

There is no horizontal scrolling in the design panel.

We can use a broader selection of pre-defined templates and resources.

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