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Google Flutter

 An open-source mobile UI for crafting high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android in record time is the feature of google flutter. We can create a mobile application with only one codebase using flutter. It means that you can use one programming language and one codebase to create two different apps for iso and android. Flutter is the new technology as it was presented in December 2018 as the first stable version 1.0 at the Flutter Live event. 

Who uses Google Flutter?

Google Assistant modules and the Google Home Hub user interface uses flutter. In counting, there are more than 50,000 Flutter apps available in the Google Play Store, and this number is increasing at a high rate. Alibaba Group, eBay, Groupon, and other popular e-commerce providers use Flutter to give their web and mobile applications uniform looks.

Framework of Flutter

The framework of Flutter, has the Flutter engine, Foundation library, and widgets written in the Dart programming language. Flutter is different from others by its declarative UI writing. The main theme of Flutter is that developers can build the entire user interface by simply combining different widgets. The application interface of flutter consists of various nested widgets, which can be any object. This applies to anything from buttons to padding, and by combining widgets, the developer can customize the application radically.  Flutter assists developers to create custom widgets, which can be easily combined with existing ones. It also provides developers the ability to view widgets in a reactive style.

The flutter helps in the quick development of code.  It permits the developer to pause code execution, make changes to the code, and continue the code from the same place. The major benefits of the flutter are how it uses ready-made widgets. The widgets of flutter have high code quality and perform better than another open source. Flutter allows developers to use Dart, which is directly compiled into the ARM code of mobile devices and helps not only to speed up applications but also allow them to lunch quicker. The primary goal of flutter is to build polished custom app interfaces as fast as possible and provide the most delightful experiences to the designer and developers.

Some of the advantages of the flutter are listed below:

- The flutter has the cross-functional feature as it has the same UI and business logic on all platforms

- It minimizes the code development time.

- It required two times fewer man-hours to the same app developed by android and iOS.

- In many cases, the flutter application is indistinguishable from the native app and even better in complex UI animation scenarios.

- Flutter has the ability to customize anything on your screen, regardless of how complex it may be. 

- It has its own rendering engine.

- It has a simple platform with specific logical implementation.

- It is suitable for any targeted platform.

- It minimizes the risk and losses for the business.

There are some drawbacks of a flutter:

-  There is a limited volume of third-party libraries currently available for Flutter.

-It required a large storage capacity.

In 2020, flutter reached the highest peak of popularity. Flutter has a huge community with outstanding support from the developer side through it might have some work to do.  According to the popularity of flutter in 2020, we can consider it as the best hybrid app framework. The flutter has got higher space in the USA, China, India, Brazil, and the EU. Flutter has more than 109, 600 stars on GitHub in January 2021. 

It can be clear that flutter is one of the most inventive mobile technologies on the market right now. For those businesses who are seeking to create applications on both iOS and Android, Flutter can be a good option. If you are searching for apps with amazing UI and high performance — Flutter is the best choice as well. Flutter is not a solution for every problem, but it is an amazing framework, considering the breadth of coverage and speed of implementation.

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