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Google Play Store

The officially pre-installed google app store in android certified devices is known as the google play store. It provides various types of applications related to education, dance, song, exercise, and many more. In another word, we can say google play store is a platform which offers various digital content to the customer.

Google play store was designed by three different products: the Android market, google music and google e-book store. Since 2017, the google play store has featured more than a 3.5million android applications. We can download the google play store by using the following steps:

1.Check the version 

2.Download the play store through APK

3.Manage the security permission

4.Install the play store by using a file manager

5.Pinion the unknown sources.

Some amazing features of the google play store are:

1.An app developer can choose to roll out a beta of their app where they can experience new features

2. It keeps track of Movies, Books, or Apps we want within our Wishlist.

3. we can find more trustworthy apps with the people section in the play store.

4. We can set content restrictions and keep our kids away from explicit content.

5. Play Store can automatically update some apps, but the settings for how you do it are highly customizable.

Google Play Service

Now, let's talk about the google play service which is the most important part of android. It is a layer of software that helps to connect apps, Google services, and Android together. It runs in the background of our Android device all the time and manages things like push notifications, whenever an app wants our location, and other day-to-day stuff like that. It helps to hide sensitive information from apps and manages basically every other background task for the sake of battery efficiency. It helps to connect the google play store with google APK.

We can easily analyze that google play store is beneficial for users. There are various benefits for developers too. Google Play does the partnership with developers to provide access to over 2 billion active monthly users. The distribution of applications is free for developers who do not charge for their apps and games.  About 90 percent of applications on the play store are free for users. Google Play also provides tools, training, data, and information to developers on how to both improve their apps technically and improve their uptake and revenue. For example, developers can take advantage of:

-Google play provides development support to the developer. It provides different features through Android Studio, Android Software Development Kit, googles flutter, and play console. android developer mainly use an android software development kit.

- The technical infrastructure to distribute apps globally, and to keep those apps updated is provided by google play.

-It manages a wide variety of regulatory compliance requirements, which helps ensure the proper distribution of apps globally.

- The Google Play billing infrastructure provides a consistent, safe, and secure system that gives users the choice among a variety of payment options and currencies.

The Google play store provides a safe and trusted environment for all users and developers. For technical safety, each app in the play store is reviewed for compliance with content safety standards before being put in the store. Google has policies that address the following issues:

Restricted content. Google does not authorize apps that contain various restricted content, including child endangerment, harmful financial products and services, and other inappropriate content such as hate speech, sexual content, and profanity.

Impersonation and Intellectual Property. Google does not allow apps that use another application or entity’s brand in a manner that may mislead users or infringe upon intellectual property rights.

Privacy, deception, and device abuse. Google disables those apps that are deceptive, malicious, or intended to abuse or misuse any network, device, or personal data. 

Store Listing and Promotion. The google app makerr should describe the app accurately and appropriately.

Spam and Minimum Functionality.  Apps should provide users with a basic degree of functionality and a respectful user experience.

Google play store app install for pc can be easily found in the google store, if you want to download any app then you can download it from google play store for free from google play store which you can update later.

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