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Pointwish | How much we can earn from JADE

How much we can earn from JADE?

Jade is the second rank offer by pointwise company .when you upgrade your pointwish account to JADE by paying 40$ you might have got an objective to earn more than OPAL level. so you might have questioned how much I can earn from the JADE level.

As we know there are various types of income opportunities in pointwish which include Crystal income, team income, auto pool income, team bonus, etc. However, your income depends on you. How many people you can refer you will earn according to our referral members. so suppose you refer 200 people then you will earn 3000$ as Crystal income which is also called direct income. and you will also earn 222.22$ as your team income and you will receive auto pool income too.

How does auto pool work for JADE?..

From the above table, you might get your answer on how much you can earn from the JADE auto poll but let us make you more clear by explaining it in brief. In level 1 if 3 members register after you then you will get 7.5$ .in level 2 if 9 members do registration and pay 40$ then you will get 22.5$.in level 8 and 9, if  6561 and 19683 people do registration after you then you will get 16402.5$ and 98415.0$ as your JADE auto poll income.

so, you can see I had earned 192.00 $ from the JADE auto pool. Let's understood how did I get it in first, second, third, and from the fourth level, I had earn 7.5$,22.5$, 40.5$,121.5$ which sum is 192$

How can we withdraw JADE income?

Pointwish has a rule for withdrawal, you must have to refer 5 members and you must have upgraded to RED BERYL in order to withdraw Jade auto poll income.

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