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Pointwish | How much we can earn from OPAL

How much we can earn from opal?

Opal is the 1st level of pointswish, after you invest 40$ in pointwish you will upgrade to opal. According to pointwish company, they have got various types of income opportunities which include a Nonworking auto pool, team bonus, crystal bonus, team income, etc.
In simple language, Pointwish is an MLM networking company which means your profit depends open how many people you can gather under your referral link. If you invite your friends, family, relatives to join pointwish then you would be able to earn money from pointwish.In OPAL you can earn Crystal income which means if you invite one member then you would get 15$ as a crystal bonus and 1.11$ as team income. Crystal income depends upon your capacity how many members you can refer. In the market there are a lot of people who are not able to add a member from their referral link, in that case, does their money will be lost?.... well pointwish provide auto pool income for all active member as a compensation plan. 

How does auto pool work for OPAL?.

If you have got an OPAL pointwish account then you will get the reward of 0.9$ if 3 members register after your registration. you don't need to register those people under your referral link they can join through anyone else referral link. if the members of people go on the increase and reach  9 then you would get 4.5$. when the number of people goes on the increase by 9 to 27,27 to 81, 81 to 243, 243 to 729 and lastly 19683 you will get the reward of 13.5$,40.5$and lastly 23619.6$ as an auto pool income.
Here, you can see I have earned 59.40 $ from pointwish. so let us tell you how did we get 59.40$. As we already mention;
 in 1st level, you will get 0.9$
 in the 2nd level, you will get 4.5$
 in the 3rd level, you will get 13.5$
 in the 4th level, you will get 40.5$
so the total of 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th level is 0.9$+4.5$+13.5$+40.5$ = 59.40$

so when you will be in level 5 then you will earn a total of 180.9$ . However, you might have question how much does it take to earn the income of level 9 .well it takes 11 to 12 month to get the income of 4th level auto pool income it might take 2 to 3 years to get the income of level.

How can we withdraw OPAL income?

well, all you need to do is you must have to upgrade your account to JADE in order to withdraw your income from OPAL  auto poll wallet. And one more thing you need to refer at least 3 members under your direct downline in order to upgrade to JADE. In this way, you would be able to withdraw auto pool income from OPAL wallet.

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