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Pointwish | How much we can earn from RED BERYL

How much we can earn from RED BERYL?

You have to pay 100$ in order to upgrade to the Red Beryl level. However, the main objective to upgrade from jade to red beryl is to earn more from jade. so much we can from red beryle.Poinwish offers several types of income opportunities namely auto poll, crystal, and team.

How does auto pool work for RED BERYL?..

You can analyze how much you can earn from Red Beryle Auto pool income. As we know auto poll offers you incomes in levels. As the numbers of people go on increase in red beryl from 3 to 9, 9 to 27 up to level 9 which needs 19683 people after you registration then you would be able to earn 12$, 36$,100$,324$ in this way you will get 25245$ as your last installment

Here you can see I had earned 480$ from Red Baryle which means I am in the 4th level of Red Beryl auto pool income. as the number of level and number of people goes on increase who had registered after me upgraded into red beryl my level also go on the increase, as a result, I will get the reward.

How can we withdraw RED BERYL's income?

You must have to upgrade your Red Beryl to the Blue Nile and you must have got 7 direct members under your referees. You didn't upgrade your account to the Blue Nile then you would not be able to withdraw your auto pool income of red beryle to your pointiwsh wallet.
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