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Pointwish | How much we can earn from BLUE NYLE


How much we can earn from BLUE NILE?

The Blue Nile is the Fourth Rank of Pointwish Company. You need to pay 1000$ to upgrade from Red Beryle to the Blue Nile. once you upgrade your account from red beryle to the blue Nile you would be able to earn more auto pool account.however, it take time to get more income 

How does auto pool work for BLUE NILE?..

From the above table you can see in the first level you can earn 180$. in the second level, you can earn 540$ .in the 3rd level you can earn 1620$ in this way you can earn 2460375$ in the last level. However, it takes time to get income from the auto pool.

In this Screenshot, you can see Blue Nile auto pool income up to the fourth level. when the number of levels goes on increase your auto poll income also goes on the increase but it takes more than 4/5 years to reach up to the 9th level. I had reached the 4th level for 2 years. Now analysis yorself.

How can we withdraw BLUE NILE's income?

You want to withdraw your Blue Nile income then you need to upgrade your account to Eternity . if need 9 direct members in order to upgrade to Eternity. once you upgraded your Blue Nile to Eternity you would be able to withdraw your Blue Nile auto pool income to your pointwish wallet.

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