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Pointwish | How much we can earn from KOHINOOR

How much we can earn from KOHINOOR?

KOHINOOR is the last rank offer by pointwish. If you want to upgrade your account from ETERNITY to KOHINOOR then you have to pay 10000$. It offers you max auto pool income compare to others. you can also earn an upgrade level of up to 5000$ if your downline upgrade their account to KOHINOOR.and There is a huge possibility to earn max team income.if you are expert in Networking then you can earn Max amount from referrals or crystal income too .suppose you invite 1000 people in your downline then you will earn 15000$,

How does auto pool work for KOHINOOR?..

Here you can see if you are in level one then you will get 2100$ as your auto pool income from Kohinoor as the number of levels is upgrade then you will get 6300$, 13500$,28350$, and lastly 27556200$ as your last auto pool income, which is the highest and last auto pool income provide by pointwise company. This might take 10/12 years if in upcoming days the number of people goes on increase who join pointwish. otherwise, you may not be able to get max autopool.

In the above screenshot, you can see I had earned 50250$ from KOHINOOR which is the sum of the 4th level auto pool income of Kohinoor. as the number of levels go on increased your profit will increase too.

How can we withdraw KOHINOOR's income?

Till today there are no rules like opal jade and others. however, you need 11 total direct members in order to upgrade to Kohinoor. once you get upgraded to Kohinoor then you don't need to worry about how to withdraw money from KOHINOOR WALLET to Pointwise wallet. you just have to press withdraw and boom you just withdraw auto pool to your point wish wallet.


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