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Pointwish | Withdrawal Scam? | How to withdraw from pointwish?

Withdrawal Scam in Pointiwish?

It seems like Pointwish Is Scam, you might have got a question about how this could be possible its cant be true. Almost all people who join MLM Networking Company either that can be pointwise, solxam,10 to infinity, or whatever they are. And some people are doing argument this is because pointiwsh is providing them Crystal Income, Team Bonus Income and most interesting Auto pool income time to time. So they thought its fake that pointwish cant be a scam. Before knowing the Dark Side of Pointwish which seems like they are doing a Scam. let's learn about the withdrawal features which they had mentioned as their plan.

According to pointwish you can do withdrawal in 6 ways;-

  1. 10% Admin Charges For withdrawal
  2. Any time Request
  3. Wallet to Wallet Transfer
  4. Deposit In BTC & ETH
  5. Franchise Withdrawal 
  6. Withdrawal in Crypto Minimum 100$.

As per company rules if someone wants to withdraw their profit/income from their pointwish account to the bank account they have to pay a 10% admin charge in order to withdraw from their account. They also mention Any time request as their second option for the withdrawal but they had not mentioned that how could someone do that withdrawal. The third option is wallet to wallet transfer, wallet to wallet transfer is quite an easy medium but it does not seem that you withdraw your money from pointwise .its only beneficial for those people who refer their friends to transfer 40$ to their account and received cash on their native nation currency. suppose if you are in Nepal/India then you will pay 4000/5000 NRS as a charge of 40$ and 3000/3500 INR as their joining cost. However, it does not seems they offer you to do withdrawal. And They had also mention Depsoite In BTC & ETH, but the point is that how could they mention that point in the withdrawal feature. Does deposit seems like Withdrawal?. If a multinational had run their international transaction in more than 167 countries then how could they do even simple mistakes? And Franchise Withdrawal, initially they had mentioned some individual name from Nepal namely Nisha lowa for franchise withdrawal but now  pointwish company had to remove the franchise feature from their site . And last one Withdrawal in Crypto, from the above withdrawal features which had mentioned by the pointwise company on their site, seems like this could be the only method to withdrawal successfully. But it's not true. so let us know why it seems like pointwish is doing a scam.

Why does its seems like Pointiwsh is doing a scam?

If you want to withdraw from pointwish then you need to verify your document. Ok verification is important and almost all companies need KYC of their customer so let's try to verify our pointwise account.

Once you Clicked on the UPDATE NOW button Then after your doubt on pointwish company .
when we clicked on the update now button it will show you The placeholder to enter BTH & ETH address. However,we try so many times but does not allow us to click on Submit button.

Then after you need to verify your Document details by submitting a passport or Citizienship id and you can submit an Electricity bill. However even they didn't respond to our document and they didn't accept it .we had tried so many times by submitting a passport for a couple of times, citizenship id for a couple of times and even we try electricity bills. And still, we didn't get verified.

And when we try to see our personal Information that we doubt the must that they might do a scam in the name of MLM Networking.

Now you can analyze yourself they might do a scam. here you can see the mobile number is used from Nepal then how could be possible that the country is to be Nauru . This account was register from Nepal and even the mobile number is also from Nepal then how could they modify our account. Even you can Check Whether the same problem to you if you are from Nepal. We had to ask 5/6 People whether they had got a problem or not And the answer was yes.
Even we try to Contact them On the topic of Document Verification but they never respond to our Question. This point also makes sense to do doubt on them.
Even you had ever checked their official site then you can see their 90% of people are from Nepal who had to join Pointwish Company and the remaining 10% are from India so if the company is register under the act of London and the company ownership goes to Sofia Haward then why don't the individuals who are from London had not to join the company yet. Till today pointwish is 99.9% looks like a scam. if the company does Update its site and make it possible to add withdrawal features in the upcoming future then we will let you know.

So take a risk on your own if you want to invest in Pointwish,

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