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Pontwish Reviews | You Must Know This

Pontwish Reviews

In this article, we will let you know about the uses of the point wish dashboard and how to use it, and income-related with its level. so let's get started. Initially, you need to log in to your point wish account!

Pointwish login

when you write point wish to log in to google or safari then you would see this type of interface where you have to submit your username and password and you have to press the login button in order to log in to your pointwish account. In this way, you would be able to log in to your pointwish account. however you may not have pointwish account so for this case you need to register your account by clicking on the register button which is shown on the right-hand side of the login button, once you click on register it will show you this types of interface;-

Note:- Previously, we learn about what is point wish, how to refer and register in point wish, How to transfer funds in point wish, how to report a problem in point wish.Here you can see you have to enter sponsor id, first name, Lastname, email, password, confirm password once you enter your sponsor id, your email address and create your password then you have press register then you have to enter transaction pin once you do it then you will get your pointwish id in your email after completing the registration process. once you get a login to pointwish account then your dashboard seems like,,,!you can register through this referral link;-

Here you can see several menus on the left-hand side and your pointwish rank logo, name, id, and wallet balance on the right-hand side. let's learn about the uses of the dashboard menu one by one.

Once you clicked on Profile then it will show you;-

Once you clicked on the profile then you can see your personal information which you had entered during the time of registration. you can change your password, transaction password from this menu. here you can see document verification where you have to submit your nation id or bill document in order to verify your account. then after you can see eth and BTC address, where you need to submit your cryptocurrency wallet address in order to withdraw your profit from pointwish wallet. then after 2FA verification for your security.

Once you clicked on Users then it will show you;-

Here you can see several levels of a user in your pointswish account .here you can have 20 levels of user from which you can get 1.11$ per user once they join under your downline. which mean if he/she joins under the downline of your downline then you will get 1.11$ per user up to 20 levels .and you can see the second option in the sub-menu as users which would show you about the active and inactive user as your downline which means if they pay 40$ to upgrade to opal then they are called as an active user if they do not pay 40$ after registration then this individual is called as inactive users.

Once you clicked on Deposite Fund then it will show you;-

Here you can see add fund where you have to mention your amount to deposit in the pointwish account. pointwise account allows you to deposit by only two option by exchanging with BTC & ETH, it will provide you BTH & ETH Address where you have to pay the exact amount of sum if your amount is less than the exact amount then you would not able to get it without contacting with pointwise support service.

Once you clicked on Transfer Fund then it will show you;-

Here you have to mention the member id to which you want to transfer your fund after mentioning the member id you need to submit how much amount you want to transfer after that you must have to enter your transaction password which you had made during the time of registration after that you need to clicked the send button and boom you just transfer your fund within a couple of seconds.

Once you clicked on  Transaction History then it will show you;-

when you clicked on the menu with the name of transaction history then you would be able to see your transaction-related with a pointwise account which would show you your details regarding withdrawal deposit and transfer of funds.

Once you clicked on  Tickets then it will show you;-


pointiwish used tickets as their means of communication as a medium of instant reply .whenever you got a problem regarding your pointwish account then you can send your problem to get the solution you just need to submit your ticket.

How to earn more in pointwish?

You might have got a question how much we can earn in OPAL, how much we can earn in JADE, how much we can earn in RED BERYL, much we can earn in BLUE NILE, how much we can earn in ETERNITY, how much we can earn in Kohinoor, how to withdraw our profit from pointwish. Then the answer is it all depends on you how many people you can join under your guidelines, under your downline. if the number of people goes on the increase as your downline then your profit also go on the increase or we can say profit is directly related with the number of people you can lure toward pointwish company .suppose you join 1000 people as your direct referrals then you can earn 15000$ as direct referral income and 1100$ as team income from your side if 1000 people also join other then it might boost your team income.
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