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AARP Medicare Supplement insurance plans, also known as Medigap plans, are offered by United Healthcare and provide additional coverage for expenses not covered by Original Medicare. These plans can help cover out-of-pocket costs such as deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance.

AARP Medicare

Some of the benefits of AARP Medicare Supplement plans include a wide network of providers, no referrals required to see a specialist, and coverage for emergency care when traveling outside of the United States. Additionally, these plans do not have a network, so you have the freedom to see any provider that accepts Medicare.

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One potential downside of these plans is that they are only available to individuals who are members of AARP. Additionally, these plans can be more expensive than some other Medicare Supplement plans, and premiums may increase with age.

Benefits of AARP

AARP, or the American Association of Retired Persons, is a membership organization for individuals over the age of 50 that offers a variety of benefits and services to its members. Some of the main benefits of AARP membership include:

1. Discounts

AARP members can take advantage of discounts on a wide range of products and services, including travel, dining, retail, and insurance.

2. Health and Wellness

AARP members have access to a wide variety of resources and tools to help them stay healthy and active, including health screenings, fitness programs, and wellness advice.

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3. Financial Benefits

AARP members can access financial advice and resources, including investment information and retirement planning tools. They also have access to certain financial products such as credit cards, life insurance, and medicare supplement plans.

4. Travel and Entertainment

AARP members can take advantage of discounts and special offers on travel and entertainment, such as discounted hotel rates, car rentals, and theme park tickets.

5. Advocacy

AARP is active in promoting policies and legislation that affect older Americans and members can have access to information and resources related to these issues.

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6. Community and Socialization

AARP members can participate in local chapter activities and events and connect with other members through online communities and social networking opportunities.

7. Learning and Volunteerism

AARP members have access to learning opportunities, such as online courses and educational programs, as well as volunteer opportunities through AARP's Create the Good program.

8. Publications

AARP members receive a subscription to AARP The Magazine, which features articles on health, finance, travel, and other topics of interest to older adults.

It's good to note that some benefits may vary by location and membership level, and some benefits might be subject to change.


Overall, AARP Medicare Supplement plans can provide valuable additional coverage for those on Original Medicare and may be a good option for those who prioritize flexibility and a wide network of providers. It's always recommended to compare the coverage, cost, and available plan options before deciding on a particular plan.

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